"In the most improbable and extraordinary way, Zoo Motel is real, genuine theatre: although it defies all the classical definitions of this art form, it succeeds in affirming its essence. The essence is the encounter between someone who performs and someone who watches. They may be far away, but they are still together - this is the power of a uniquely immersive online creative experience."
OCTAVIAN SAIU,  International Association of Theatre Critics

At its core, Zoo Motel is about Earth, and our place on it, and our place in the universe, and how we’re all part of the same puzzle even if we’re far apart or even if we’ve never met. Even if we’re separated by time or death.

And in 2020, that is a hell of a message.¨

ALISSA SMITH,  Writer Colorado Springs Gazette

¨Zoo Motel is too perfect. . . so good, so technically gorgeous, and so breathtakingly beautiful.¨


“Zoo Motel is the most consistently engaging and surprising experience of virtual theater I've had to date. The inventiveness and whimsy, balanced by the big questions and big risks, created a truly winning, utterly live event.”


¨It was inevitable that the coronavirus catastrophe would lead to some productions of similarly ingenious online drama. Zoo Motel, which is streamed live from the Colombian studio of American theatre master Thaddeus Phillips, is such a show. . . the audience, like a 21st-century Alice in Wonderland, follow Phillips down his digital rabbit hole.¨

MARK BROWN, The National Scotland

¨Brilliant, artful, witty and visionary. Zoo Motel brings us all together in this moment whirling through Time and Space.¨
PATRICK KEALY, Artistic Director, Theatre Nation

¨By the time Philips plays a clip from The Wizard of Oz , we are losing our grip on the line between reality and fantasy. This room is both a place and a dream. . . The physical laws are unstable here in a show that amuses & beguiles .¨

MARK FISHER, Writer, The Guardian

¨His theatrical work Zoo Motel reached right into my muscles and made me remember theater and live it again. You must must must see this.¨
KHANISHA FOSTER, Playwright, Los Angeles

¨At times, visually stunning, at other times, an interactive/technological wonderment, and yet at other times, poignantly moving, this production will definitely be like nothing you've seen until now.¨


“Zoo Motel” is Phillips at his most gentle, most searching, most playful and really, most wonderful.¨

JOHN MOORE, Arts Journalist

“Thaddeus Phillips’ Zoo Motel is a playful & inspiring theatrical poem, an act of resistance against the current creative inertia.”

ROBERT LEPAGE, Theatre, Film & Opera Director


¨The ONE digital thing that has made my theatre-heart happy during this pandemic: Zoo Motel. It was amazing and mindblowing, and yes, all live on zoom. Do you need inspiration? Check in to the Zoo Motel.¨

GURI GLANS, Actress & Performer, Oslo

¨Run! Book at room! Don’t miss out!! A serious opportunity to look at zoom from a different angle. Wonderfully inventive, beautiful, caring and funny.¨

STEPHEN OSHSNER, Director, Moscow

“Zoo Motel” has magic, gorgeous jaw dropping visuals, humor and storytelling. I kept watching screaming “How did he do that?!”
KRISTINA WONG, Performance Artist, Los Angeles

¨Mixing storytelling, miniatures/object theater, magic tricks,

moody mise-en-scene, It was like watching a Michel Gondry music video

but as a live experience.¨
MIWA MATERYEK, Animator, Los Angeles


¨A beguiling hybrid of the theatrical and the cinematic.¨

LISA KENNEDY, Writer, The Denver Post

¨A world of beautiful, positive energies.¨

HOBBES GOBRIAS, Designer, Brussels

¨Thaddeus est un artiste de théâtre extraordinaire! Alors procurez-vous une chambre au Zoo Motel et passez une soirée avec lui!.¨
SOPHIE BOROLUSSI, Choreographer, New York


¨Combining digital film technology with analog, handmade puppetry and cardboard painted sets, he has created something truly magical. He had us leaning forward and holding our breath in wonder.¨

DEBORAH STEIN, Playwright, Los Angeles

¨Ingenious and prolific, I was engaged more than I usually am with live theatre.¨
TARA CULP, Flimmaker, Philadelphia

¨це захопливо! Це щось нове, створене з любов’ю.¨
TETYANA YANKO, Artstic Director, Teatre 23, KYIV, Ukraine

¨A kind of interactive blend of film, theatre and almost vaudeville, it’s as if Derren Brown, Wim Wenders and The Mighty Boosh had hatched this idea after a tequila shot drinking session hosted by Tom Waits.¨

-GARETH STEVENS, Writer, Hastings Independent

CELIA BOOKS, Chief, London, UK


¨Glorius illusion . . . a home spun makeshift peephole into the marvels of theatre, the possibilities of the imagination and the human need to connect.¨

LYN GARDNER, Writer, Stage Door

¨Mind-blowing & captivating.¨
HANNA ZARUG, Student, Sibiu Romania


¨Phillips, cocreator and director Tatiana Mallarino, and their team have mastered the art of Zoom. The camera pans, set pieces float in, and lights change. Rather than place the limitations of live theater onto a webcast, they have made something surprising, magical, and theatrical in its own right.¨

JOSH HERREN, Writer, Broad Street Review

¨Awesome & ingenious experience.¨
JULIAN KATES, Tattoo Artist, Denver

¨Wonderful and inspiring to see someone just laying it down in a new yet familiar way, it is an inspiring, gorgeous narrative solo show unlike any other.¨
DEE NICHOLAS, Designer, Philadelphia

¨Variations of Walt Disney’s rotoscoping & Orson Welles camera advancements sit along with scenic designs and palettes which conjure

David Lynch or Terry Gilliam.¨
DOMONIC CORR, Writer, Reviews Hub London

¨Phillips himself is a terrific performer: unpretentious,

low-key and utterly riveting.¨
JULIET WITTMAN, Writer, Westword

¨Spectacular . . . the challenge of this elongated halt to in-person performances has spurred artistic invention, as Phillips and his collaborators demonstrate. Check into Zoo Motel to explore some of those possibilities.¨
CHRISTINE DOLEN, Writer, Miami Herald